Business philosophy:

Business management concept is a kind of ideological concept, which is the sum of basic beliefs, value standards and codes of conduct held by enterprises. It runs through all the activities of the enterprise, guides the direction of the enterprise, affects the spiritual outlook of all the members of the enterprise, and determines the quality and competitiveness of the enterprise. Advanced enterprise management concepts are mastered by most or all of the people in the enterprise. Everyone can play a role in the position for the common goal, and can form a joint force to promote the whole enterprise.

Today, with the rapid development of China;seconomy, Founder is working hard to create a more brilliant future with confidence and strength.

Corporate culture:

Persistence, let Chuangyan produce complete and high-quality products. 
Seriously, let Chuangyan have a huge sales market and customer base. 
Practical, let Chuangyan develop healthily and rapidly.